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Take a try and with Julio Cesar cross the Rubicon River! Krisis, is a challenge. Listen to the rat-a-tat-tat of the African Famine and act. Share the ideal of Kennedy and Nelson Mandela, Luther King and Chiara Lubich. Chernobyl and Fukushima, the nuclear catastrophe. Al-Andalus in Spain and the Berlin Wall collapsed.


Chef Arzak will give you some wise advice, you will try Salmorejo (cold vegetable soap: bread, egg, pepper, tomato, garlic, salt and water.), fried shrimps in Cadiz, typical dishes. You will find the ‘Pintxos’ routes in Spain, El Bulli by Ferrán Adrià and Casa Lhardy Madrid. The ‘Pa amb tomaca i pernil’ in Barcelona.


Supportive athletes, as an example of perseverance, appear within the pages of this amusing novel. Pau Gasol and Michael Jordan crop out on child Jorge´s imagination, Cassius Clay Muhammad Ali and Joe DiMaggio honored in the novel, and Jim Brown, Lombardi and Wayne Carey in Football, and Bobby Charlton.


You will enjoy and be delighted to learn from the legends. You will also read about some mythological characters from a wide variety of cultures and civilizations. Greek and Roman, the Australian aborigines, the American-Indians Sioux. Besides, You will also discover other cultures of the world


Song lyrics, ‘We Are The World’ by Jackson, ‘My Way’ by Sinatra, ‘Corazón partío’ by Alejandro Sanz, the ode to Joy by Beethoven, the Funeral March by Chopin, The Mozart Effect, ‘Macarena’, ‘Waka-Waka’ by Shakira and much more. John Lennon honored in the novel.


Cervantes, Shakespeare and Homer, Lorca, Antonio Machado, Miguel Hernández, Yanusari and Mo Yan, T.S Eliot, Poe and Hemingway. Since the imaginary evening spent by Cervantes, Sancho and William Shakespeare in Alcalá de Henares having pudding for dinner and evocations to Romeo and Juliet.


Traveling to the Tibet with Jorge and walking around the Taj Majal gardens in India and then swim at Iguazú Falls and around Bariloche lake. Traveling around the world and sharing the knowledge of lots and lots of cultures and civilizations.


Hemingway and Sanfermines in Pamplona. Be careful with the captivating smile of Marijaia during the "Aste Nagusia" held in Bilbao. Enjoy the popular festivals developed throughout the Spanish Geography and other regions of the world.


Chaplin, Feel Marilyn Monroe, Spielberg and Guido Contini, Buñuel, Picasso, Dalí and Gaudí. And believe you are Superman as Jorge does in the novel. Enjoy "La ley del deseo" falla with Almodóvar and Banderas, Penélope and Bardem in Valencia (Spain).


Straightforward sentences in different languages are translated into Spanish: Chinese, Russian, German, English, Arabian, French, Bambara, African Wolof, Latin, Sanskrit, Maya, Basque, Galician, Catalan, Valencian and metaphors based on masterpieces of the literature.


Meet yourself and travel through History. Share Greek, Roman, Arabian, Mayan, Persian, Japanese and Chinese masters, philosophers and thinkers. As well as, thinkers from India, Tibet and from civilizations that helped Jorge to feel the sense of life.


Enjoy meeting top-class journalists who have style and vocation to serve at FAPE. And meet Jorge, the ins and outs of a job requiring dedication and sacrifice in the daily trench of information. Newspapers, tv sets, and TV and radio stations, fighters for freedom and true.


Admire Coco Chanel, Mozart and Beethoven, Teresa De Calcuta, Vicente Ferrer, Chiara Lubich, Lady Di, Lady Liberty, Galilei, Gandhi, Kennedy, Lincoln, Mandela and Luther King. Gandhi, Kennedy, Mandela and The Freedom


John Lennon, Chaplin. Steve Jobs and Nureiev in Museum Guggenheim Bilbao, Queen, couturier Balenciaga and Obama. Aristotle Socrates Onassis. Mayor Iñaki Azkuna receiving Epalza´S Widow at the train station.


Discover the kindness and mercy which are present in every religion and in every spiritual belief. Women and men –sapiens- always walk together relentlessly into the recovery of the origin of humanity: a single family joined in peace and solidarity.


Enjoy the different original and awesome metaphors, inspired by plants, flowers and animals that enrich the plot of the novel. Why our souls and sunflowers seek the sun?


Respect nature and the mother land as Jorge does since He was a kid in his hometown where he was born, in the orchard by the Segura River and stand up to fight for it.


Follow The Pathway Of Human Ngos. Unicef, Cruz Roja, Educo. References from International Amnisty, Doctors Without Borders, Cáritas, Greenpeace, Botín Centre, Deusto University and Nobel Prize.

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