New York and Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty in New York: “Liberty Enlightening the World”. “(…)In his sudden dream, he thought he had seen Leonor and poet Antonio Machado in an orchard where lemons were ripening. He was drawing silk hearts with Antonio Gala and Federico Garcia Lorca. Federico was telling them his deeds as a Poet in New York and he praised Lady Liberty for her beauty, holding the torch in her hand. “Liberty Enlightening the World” (Page 30).

Tibet and Mother Tara, ‘The Creator’. “(…) It should be borne in mind that thoughts are multiplied again and again like the ocean waves. Despair will worry you if you have the courage to conquer those thoughts. You will learn that the untamable rhythmical movement will rebel against you or shove in your head. A Tibetan Lama’s Mala prayer beads with which he counted his ideas in his meditations –after an intense day-after-day finger rubbing– vanished owing to so much thought counting. One morning he realized the only thing was left in his hands was the thin thread used to hold such beads. And at last he reached the void and liberation of his mind. Maybe he was asleep that night, the equivalent to one hundred years of meditation, counting ideas with the beads he had worn out. Would you be capable of wearing out a single green Tara bead by skimming it with your fingers counting your thoughts? Would you be patient enough to do it? –You’ll control your thoughts only if you develop your will –stated George. Whenever an image leaves the human brain some vibrations arise in an uncontrollable way from that vision within our mental atmosphere traveling in all directions… and penetrating in people and stirring up their surroundings. (Page 232)

Swimming in Iguazú and Nahuel Huapi of Bariloche. “(…)While being asleep, the child’s mind made inquiries whether he was dreaming or was awake. He soon dissipated his doubts. Obviously, he was dreaming! In his fantasy, young George put his head between Rosa’s thighs. Without fear he dived into the beautiful Iguazu falls. He was swimming in the dark neck of her uterus. But suddenly, a flashing light appear at the end of it and he began to swim towards a very blue lake, as beautiful as Nahuel Huapi lake in the seven lakes of Bariloche. George’s spirit wisely and confidently swam all the way grabbing the cord joining him to his mother. He breathed peace, calm and happiness. What harmony! (Page 37)

The indigenous of Australia and dreams. “(…)The Australian aboriginal mythology strongly believes that the spiritual circle named Dreamtime, halfway between our brain and heart, manages the magnificent and enigmatic power of creation. My friend George sometimes awakes as the narrator of hope and happiness. Nowadays, George is dedicated to the Cervantine utopia of a world of noblemen and Dulcineas, and thanks the Muses and angels for thrusting him as they did with the Phoenix. (Page 84)

Paris: Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Moulin Roude and Pigale Square in Paris, Bilbao and San Sebastián (Spain). “(…)George and Batu vibrated in a twister of illusions. They abandoned their families for a lovers’ little apartment, their honeymoon opposite the Teatro Circo in Orihuela. At first light, she left for work and he sent her nightingale’s whistles from the balcony. They married and there was a second honeymoon in the City of Light, Paris, Tour Eiffel! Montmartre, Moulin Rouge, Place Pigalle, the funicular… But the-just-married couple first visited the Txirimiri Country. While they were driving to France George saw the Itziar caserio (Basque cottage) on the highway between Bilbao and San Sebastian, maybe a place put in the corner of his existential memory. A torrential gale hit the Cantabrian coast that night. Thanks to the downpour that blinded the automobile windshield and groping for an exit George got out of the highway led by his intuition or Destiny. They spent the night at the first town that appeared on the road, Deba. (Page 130).

Prado Museum and ‘the Guernica’ by Picasso at Reina Sofia Museum. “(…) But before taking off her mask she strategically went round the bush like Kubrick did in the Almost Perfect Bank Robbery: –When can you have a day off this month? –she wanted to test the situation by enhancing the importance of the conversation. George received another signal by way of a message, because promises must always be fulfilled and George already possessed an unbreakable will. He instantly remembered Maya had plucked her eyebrows herself the previous day. Something she always did prior to welcoming a visitor or going on a trip. And by connecting links George found the answer to his question: –To drive you to Madrid… –he paused on purpose–… and you can deal with the paperwork to marry the Cuban guy in his country. I’ll also take you to Prado Museum and then we’ll be seeing the Guernica by Picasso at Reina Sofia museum. The telephone line went dead. (Page 266)

Moscow: Kremlin and Troitskaya. “(…) How many times have you thought of that? You are thinking of something and then something different gets into your mind. Suddenly Ahtohno sneaked in through the door with a young girl: –Dóbrei diéñ! (Good morning!) –He waved his left hand to greet him– I’m in a hurry: I’m visiting the Kremlin and Troitskaya tomorrow. –Schastlívei diéñ! (Have a nice day!) –George greeted them with a smile. –This is María, she wants to write… She’s got a Bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Philology. (Page 149)

La Explanada (Alicante) and The Huerto del Cura (the Priest’s Orchard) in Elche (Spain). “(…) While enjoying their honey moon they went to the cinema in Alicante. They stayed at Pensión Consuelo (Consuelo’s Inn) for three whole days. Kisses on the waves of La Explanada promenade. And then they were invited by her sister Luz and her brother-in-law Pepito to spend a few days in Elche to enjoy the breathtaking, beautiful and impressive sunsets seen from the Huerto del Cura (the Priest’s Orchard), before going back to their home-town. (Page 51).

Beachs of Torrevieja, la Rábita Califal and the Phoenician harbor in Guardamar and beachs La Torre Horadada.. “(…) He noticed the attraction of the sea and recognized it in his memories. He also remembered his strolls along some beaches like La Mata, Los Locos and El Acequión in Torrevieja when he was a child, and his wanderings among the palm trees of Cala Ferri: –Let’s sail! –exclaimed his captain’s soul. (…) When will you listen to them? Adonai’s courage is ours. And his creativity is yours. Take care of everything you have done in your life and open the ears of your soul. Thanks to the music band George had the chance to visit Guardamar where he discovered its beautiful dunes in la pinada (pine tree woods), la Rábita Califal and the Phoenician harbor. And he also saw women stringing red peppers outside their houses. (…) That summer, the band played across the streets of Pilar de la Horadada. From the bus, George saw a sea taking over the land. When he got nearer he realized that the green houses drew a plastic sea on the horizon. At noon the musicians got to La Torre beach where they had a swim. He was so delighted by such a place that he dreamt of living over there in the future. (Page 77)

Isaac Peral’s submarine in Cartagena (Spain). “(…) –Where do you play with the band, George?–his mother wanted to know. –In Cartagena at Easter… and I’ll see Isaac Peral’s submarine. –With the Marrajos or the Californios? –he answered as his mother was cutting some bread and pieces of Manchego cheese–. They are said to be very beautiful religious processions. (Page 70)

Elche-Elx: ‘The Dama’ in La Alcudia and Calahorra Almohade.“(…) Just then George understood his visit to the Dama in La Alcudia and then the discovery of the Calahorra Almohade. Search for it in the city of Elche. Visit her! While he was visiting the sculpture, George felt as if he were in the secret chamber of the Great Pyramid when he saw the enigmatic hieroglyphics of the Masonic Lodge painted on the walls and ceilings. And then, George also remembered his emotion and happiness when he felt the Oropel rain on his curly hair that afternoon at Santa Maria church while attending the performance of El Misteri d’Elx. When the temple’s organ is played Heaven opens on the main dome and then El Araceli descends. At that very moment George got goose-bumps and his soul thrilled by the songs of the angels resounding throughout the entire basilica. George still absorbed in his claustrophobic performance awoke from that Nit de L’Albà on the terrace when he heard his cousin’s voice. –George, let’s go home. We have to sleep! –And dream! (Page 89)

Walking around the Taj Mahal gardens, and Museum Guggenheim in Bilbao and Kursaal of Donostia San Sebastián, and much more...

(See the Geography and Journeys section at the end of the novel/Second Part)

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