Gandhi, Kennedy, Mandela and The Freedom.

Kennedy and Mandela, Luther King and Lincoln. “(…) George read the words on the television quickly: “It’s an ideal which I hope to live for, but if it needs be, it’s an ideal for which I’m prepared to die.”–Who’s that, Josefica? –¡Mandela! ¡Nelson Mandela! –What’s he saying? –He gave the football to his two brothers and got closer to the TV set. –He defends freedom and equality in South Africa and throughout the world. The screen released two flashes of lightning and the thunder was heard. Young George recalled those days of storm. And the mournful shadow of another headline appeared on television: “Kennedy has died!” –Who? –He wanted to change the world! –explained Josefica. –Change it! Why? –He has been assassinated like Lincoln and Luther king. Another good president was assassinated in the United States! –His neighbor picked up the cup of coffee she had on the table and sipped it. –Has he died in a war? On the blackness of the television screen a coffin appeared, meanwhile in a box on the left side corner of the screen the self-assured, full of life countenance of a man and a dreamer was shown, which impressed George, without need to understand what he was saying: “Now the trumpet summons us again. (…) My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. (…) With a good conscience (…) that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.” –They killed him, Josefica! –But his message will live on and his dream of equality will come true. You will see it! I am sure you will see everything fulfilled in your lifetime! (Page 46-47)

Lady Liberty and poet Garcia Lorca in New York. “(…) In his sudden dream, he thought he had seen Leonor and poet Antonio Machado in an orchard where lemons were ripening. He was drawing silk hearts with Antonio Gala and Federico Garcia Lorca. Federico was telling them his deeds as a Poet in New York and he praised Lady Liberty for her beauty, holding the torch in her hand. “Liberty Enlightening the World” –And that animal? –asked young George. –A horse grazing and resting. –I want to ride it, as I do ride your bike! – He attempted to get off the bike. (Page 30)

"Eppur si muove!" by Galilei. “(…)She wanted to brainwash him with a lot of baloneys and kid him. George felt like the sparrow that was blindly wandering in the vampire bats’ cave. He saw himself like Galilei when he was brought into The Inquisition… and remained silent for the moment. (Page 289) “(…)On leaving the wasps’ nest George saw that the path was clear. Our friend would never do or say anything about that incident but he decided that one day that lesson he learned at the brothel would come to light. Once on the street he felt free, and willing to see the positive side George was convinced that going with Maya to such places did not mean to lend her his unconditional support, faithful obedience and silence. He knew that one day he would have the chance to tell his own deeds, but at the time he would rather be as silent as a tomb and follow Galilei’s motto: “Eppur si muove!” (Page 291).

Lady Di in Love. “(…) She passed the test after having a quarrel with her fiancé, because Batu –Lady Di in love– returned her engagement ring to her fiancé as she was in love with George. While having some pieces of Camembert cheese and Russian salad for lunch, George’s tears lit the flame of love. On the one hand George brought to the relationship his unconditional devotion and Batu her elegant rose-like beauty in addition to a dozen pairs of shoes… hope and a lot of enthusiasm. –Shall we marry? –Yeah. –They lovingly kissed each other. (Page 112)

And feeling hopeless Lady Di. Lady Di then hartbroken. “(…)George suffered in silence. Such as a captain he yielded the rudder of the ship and of his life to the generosity of the swell and told his wife what was really happening to his heart. But in being sincere he forgot that the rose tree has thorns to protect the beauty of its petals. When she heard her husband’s confession Batu Lady Di feeling hopeless as George was falling in love with another woman she neither weathered the storm nor she took the time to understand so much sincerity or the nightmare her husband’s heart was troubled with. She reacted like a wave sweeping away everything. –Choose between her and me! What was going on between Batu and George? Where did the conflict stem from? (Page 116)

Fidel and Che Guevara and Granma. “(…) Unstoppable evolution towards the full equality between men and women as free human beings. –Whenever any man finds his femininity he feels a kind of revolution –assured George as he had experienced it a few years ago–. Unfinished human revolution like the one led by Che and Fidel in Cuba through the guerrilla spirit that propelled the Granma yacht ashore. –Femininity within masculinity? How is that phenomenon explained? –inquired a skeptical voice. –Yin emerging with Yang into a unique and complete Being, in accordance with the Eastern philosophy. Or the lunar column Boaz (femininity) and the solar one Jakin (masculinity) supporting the mythical temple of Solomon, symbol of the harmony of Humans. –Is it a revolutionary process? –I wanted to look into the subject in detail. –Crucial for humanity. Because from femininity always arises creativity and the new life. (Page 236)

Vicente Ferrer and Chiara Lubich. “(…) As he had experienced so much in such a short period of time George shared communion in retreats and nyntüm. He knew about the Jewish Sanhedrin and the Catholic synods. He met faithful followers of Henry Dunant at the Red Cross, of Teresa de Calcuta and Vicente Ferrer, Chiara Lubich and father Angel at Mensajeros de la Paz, Tagore, Gandhi and Lanza del Vasto, Saint Germain, La Ferrière, Leadbeater, Stanislav Grof and Eckhart Tolle, Erich Fromm, Sondra Ray, Conny Méndez. He also mastered Osho’s meditations. He was introduced to a Sephardic follower of Erasmus exiled in Sofia and Jesuits who were friends of Pedro Arrupe in the mutilated city of Hiroshima. (Page 238)

Beethoven and his "Ode To Joy". George heard the buzzing of the phone after Maya had said her last words in a mocking tone which wounded the silence of that farewell – like the one who picks a rose and takes away its scent. A piece of mischief, something stupid done by an ungrateful person. Maybe someone might say what has previously been stated is a lie hard to believe, a fabrication by George or me. But I have told the bare facts here as George told them to me. Stealing is taking away what nobody gave you, according to one of the Buddhist precepts. What is selling without the owner’s permission and keep the money for yourself? George always lent a hand, and sometimes both of them to her mate Maya to make her happy despite she always gave him a back-kick which George tried to dodge with love. At the bus depot, from which George had phoned her he heard Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, which made up for the setback he had received in the universal brotherhood. (Page 298)

Christ and San Francisco De Paola. "The Mozart Effect" and Steiner´S Anthroposophy. Coco Chanel and other universal figures. (Krisis with a K /Second Part: ‘Falling in love with life’).

(See the Universal Characters section at the end of the novel/Second Part)

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