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G.Taylor is Pedro J. Bernabeu Mora, journalist and writer

el autor con su novela en la cadena Ser

Author of the novel

... Krisis with a K (Krisis from the Greek language “change, evolution…”) was written between 2006 and February 2015, the author’s literary pseudonym stands G. Taylor. He has been a member of the Spanish Red Cross since 1991 collaborating with the International Co-operation Section as a volunteer since 2007. He has sponsored a girl and a boy from Guatemala since 2005 and has recently sponsored a girl from India: cooperating partner of ONG Educo.

At the age of seven he started to learn the musical language and to be trained in the use of musical instruments (clarinetist and saxophonist on active duty until the age of 30) with the ‘Nueva Unión Musical’ band of my hometown Granja de Rocamora. He has worked for Correos y Telégrafos since 1984. He was granted three transfers and two leaves of absence to combine his postal work with his journalistic tasks.

el autor con un grupo de niños en un acto solidario

Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Arts and journalist FAPE

...holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Arts (He majored in Geography and History; Physical Geography section) from the University of Alicante.

He is certified to work as a Secondary School Teacher ; a vocation he started at Antonio Sequeros School in Almoradí, Alicante till he decided to run his own program at Radio Orihuela SER (1987-1996) and work as a journalist for the Newspaper “La Verdad”. Worked and developed several jobs for twenty years (1987-2007) i.e. correspondent, editor and editor in chief for the Newspaper La Verdad (VOCENTO) present in Orihuela, Vega Baja and Torrevieja.

Journalist (FAPE-Spain nº 14.386/ 02-03-1988).


Charitable novel: donates 81% of the profits from sales of ‘Krisis With a K’ to UNICEF, The Red Cross and Educo projects carried out in Africa, Asia, India, Central and South America.

My Passions

el autor con el portero Iríbar

Sports, yoga and tango

I love sports (playing soccer, basketball, tennis…), yoga and meditation techniques in addition to thinking that eating only vegetables is very healthy.

el autor de niño con su triciclo

Respect Nature

When I was a kid in my home-town I loved exploring the fields along the Segura River and seeing the birds and animals and I have defended nature since I was a kid.



I appreciate Radio and journalism. Via communication people may understand amongst themselves. I love taking part in cultural gatherings.


Literature and poetry

I enjoy sharing theater readings, novel passages and poetry reading. I admire Cervantes, Miguel Hernandez and many other authors and poets.

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