"You can, if you believe you can!” (Virgilio)

Aristoteles and The Reason. “(…)The fact is that there are reasons that the mind will never understand, magister dixit Aristotle, said the Greek philosopher. (Page 15)

Plato and ‘The Cavern Myth’. “(…) Suddenly, in the protective mind of a mother the vehement alarm went off because of the serious perils were lying in wait for her little boy in the street, and Rosa professed her warning: –George, don’t move! Keep still! Young George despite his mother’s shock decided to go through the doorway, but luckily non-conformism, innate at birth, incited and helped George to walk and survive within that difficult situation. One footstep, George needed just one footstep, -and he took a footstep forward as if he were playing! – to discover the great secret of life, this is the learning period that awards us two prizes: knowledge and freedom. Of course, if you have overcome the myth of the cavern and of the shadows. It was so well explained by Plato, thinker and philosopher in Classical Greece. (Page 14)

Gurus, Om! The Verb and The Emptiness. “(…)Gurus, who are aware of the “I Am” in the form of an infinite light, head for their impersonal aspect or the wonderful voice sound “Om”, The Word made flesh in the Buddhist transmutation, The Supreme Perfection or the Holy Ghost. George has been inspired by the Swami wisdom that spreads the Surya light and which George felt on Emptiness, a skill meant to observe and tackle the interpretations of your insatiable ego. A hot evening in the pine forest George addressed his fellow members: (Page 234)

Yin and Yang, Boz and Jakin and The Salomon Temple. “(…)–Femininity within masculinity? How is that phenomenon explained? –inquired a skeptical voice. –Yin emerging with Yang into a unique and complete Being, in accordance with the Eastern philosophy. Or the lunar column Boaz (femininity) and the solar one Jakin (masculinity) supporting the mythical temple of Solomon, symbol of the harmony of Humans. –Is it a revolutionary process? –I wanted to look into the subject in detail. –Crucial for humanity. Because from femininity always arises creativity and the new life. (Page 237)

K´Ung- Fu-Tzu, Mother Tara, Sri Krsna and The Opulencias. “(…)K`ung-fu-tzu, a wise, calm, slim Chinese disciple in the city of Alicante with a mentality as flexible as bamboo invited him to have a vegetarian dinner where the messages George had received up till then were corroborated: “No matter how far our spirit goes it will never go farther than our heart.” In retreats with the millenarian Buddhist Sutras in Ontinyent with Paloma and Chelo George’s polite ego tuned to the four unfathomable thoughts: loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy. And the soul rejoiced at the truth and wisdom of Mother Tara’s shining unifying energy. Other afternoons our friend comforted us because his heart let in Bhagaván or Srí Krsna, holder of opulence: knowledge, richness, power, beauty, fame and the most liberating key: renunciation. We never saw George loaded with books or folders. The word of George flowed through his examples and actions. (Page 241).

The Master Socrates. “(…)–Did you learn from that dream? –The following day everything began... Everything around me, more and more people, lead me to happiness. Now I live, learn and feel with my heart. At that moment we got out of our path and went into an orange orchard, as if we had gotten off a cloud, and decided to go back to the ashram. That night we had vegetable broth for dinner. After the silent soiree I felt the message from our friend. Thanks to those tears George consciously lives in peace, as a praise for master Sócrates who once said “I only know one thing that I know no-thing”. Why? (…) Let it be! You should know that even though you read one million books the best school to learn is to live your own life. Perhaps were you waiting for theoretical answers or dogmas? Learn always from life by living it and feeling happiness –it will be easier than you imagine. Dare to live! Have the courage to sail! Because you are a crew member of the vessel shown on the back page of this book. Give up darkness and ignorance, learn and share. (Page 245)

Nihilism. “(…) The erratic nihilistic statement “Whatever it lasts…” George’s scales fell from his eyes. The other way led to the compromise Maya did not want to have with him or with her young object of desire. If you advice stability to someone who is not seeking it, it will be like trying to make a dead guy smile at you by tickling his feet. (Page 275)

"You can, if you believe you can!” (Virgilio). Delfos´Oracle, Descartes, Sapiens, Darwin and Feuerbach by Marx. Seneca, Maimonides, Averoes, Al-Arabi and Al-Gafequi in Cordoba. Anthroposophy by Steiner and ‘The Mozart Effect’ by Campbell. ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Japan, the chinese Mo Yan and Yanusari, and much more… (Krisis with a K /Second Part: ‘Falling in love with life’

(See the Philosophy section at the end of the novel/Second Part)

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