Charon, The Boatman (Greek Mythology).

Caronte’s Swamp. “(…)The days went by and as he was afraid that people thought he was mad George kept his secret for himself, that meaningless and suicidal thought that took him in his nightmares to the gates of the afterlife. But George understood soon he should reveal everything and share his own experience. Some days after, within the echo of another vision that happened that very night but in a different dream George with his mind in a blank state swore that he saw his soul swimming in a swamp where a sinister boatman ordered him to go back: –You here again! You’ve forgotten you roamed here for one hundred years! –Caronte sprang on him–: Open your mouth. Empty it again! I know you don’t mind money at all but next time at least bring me a coin, –he ordered. Go back through the same way! Go away! In the middle of the dark swamp, in view of the angry guardian’s irate rejection George swam back his way. On turning his body he made out a beautiful distant light amidst a thick fog inside the outbound tunnel. While in the water, my friend felt an erupting volcano in his chest, which called him with an appealing voice. Swim over here, George! Come to me, live! Our friend George has assured me that within that thought he felt something similar to a rebirth. (Page 183)

Star Mizar and The Great Bear (Alcor, Sioux’s Legend).

Saturn and Jupiter (Roman Mythology) “(…)George began to run up the mountain. He did not even think about it. He was just running towards an unavoidable reality. He overtook the lad and got ahead thrust by the divine eagle that had deployed its wings on the fisherman’s legs. Stirred up by desperation and in possession of a superhuman power our friend’s ego flew over the olive grove and then over the hills. On crossing the brook flowing down the lake he was disturbed by the vision of the red omen color. Red water? Blood! George was afraid of death, about which he had already thought… and became true a few seconds later before his own eyes. Be careful with your judgments! Think always in a positive way. Make them your best instrument of will and creation. He saw a body lying face up by the edge of the pond. He quickened his step. It was a woman’s body. He recognized her by the torn, ripped blue stole she was wearing that day. Blood was gushing out from Blanca’s neck and chest. His wife had been smashed by a bull’s horn. Dead! –Why? –He preached in the wilderness against the overcast sky–: Why, cruel Saturn, why? He went through two days of tormenting suffering, anger and hatred for his life and human existence. Nothing could soothe his pain. He did not even think of his daughter. He only wished to live with Blanca in the kingdom of death day and night. His wife’s dead body wrapped up in fine silks was lying on an amber altar. His insane hallucinations bowled him over while being kneeling down. Why did Saturn wolf her down? Why Jupiter, my friend, did you abandon me? The fog was slowly settling down on that shrine. The night’s blinding veil was nearly taking over the temple. George felt death was coming out of his own guts and in the silence he heard the void cry. Mournful emptiness. Anguish, bitter sadness and a deep sense of solitude took over his will. With his heart in darkness as he was out of his mind he grabbed the dagger which was hanging from his belt and put it in his throat… and he stabbed deep inside to his neck. No potion from the Greek Dioscorides, master of masters, would have halted the sacrilegious liberation that emptied his veins like a torrent. His body passed away. But his orphan soul remained over there. George’s ego had loved death more than life. (Page 196-97)

The indigenous of Australia and dreams. “(…) The Australian aboriginal mythology strongly believes that the spiritual circle named Dreamtime, halfway between our brain and heart, manages the magnificent and enigmatic power of creation. My friend George sometimes awakes as the narrator of hope and happiness. Nowadays, George is dedicated to the Cervantine utopia of a world of noblemen and Dulcineas, and thanks the Muses and angels for thrusting him as they did with the Phoenix. (Page 84)

Medusa and Perseus (Greek Mythology) “(…)George’s hair shivered down his spine and bristled even more. Some tribulations shook over his curls like the mad serpents that tormented the Greek Medusa that protected Alexander the Great. In his ravings George begged Perseus to show up to behead the bug he had around his head, but nobody heard his plea for help. (Page 94) “(…)Young George’s heart was beating so fast that it almost got out of his chest. He concealed his nervousness, although his mood was devastated and he feared the worst. Medusa’s imaginary adders that were twisting in his mind were before him invading his fringe. If he had had Perseus’s sword in his hand he would not have hesitated. Jordi would have beheaded his own ignorant Medusa, his own crazy head with a single blow. The punishments poisoning his rice soup were coming out from a sinister pit in his brain. Torture! Which one will his father choose? But on the contrary as if Pedro and his wife were living in another world on the opposed pole of their son’s torments and safe from his madness both of them spoke to him without altering their voices, without upbraiding him. (Page 95)

Tzolk´in Calendar (Mayan Legend) and Drunes (Vikings). “(…)On the old and wise trunk of the tree George noticed some doodles that look like Viking runes, maybe dates… and the word “Tzolk’in or Cholq’I”. –Did you do the Philosophy work? –Antoñito asked while standing up. –Will the teacher review it this afternoon? Yeah, we are taking the final Chemistry test! (Page 58) “(…)On my way to Alcoy time stopped and I wanted to follow George’s piece of advice: I paid a visit to that Nirvana at El Salt at sunrise. And I felt it just the same my friend did. While I was naked and exposed to the sun the desire calls and captivates you and takes over your will. However, the cold and regal stream tames your reactionary, cave-dwelling momentums. Lying on his towel at the mercy of the sun George looked up and saw names, dates, hearts engraved on the bark of the tree… “December 21” and “Tzolk’in o Cholq’ij”. Just the same doddle he read on the hundred-year-old white mulberry tree written in a foreign language at High School, but it was more readable. In the middle of the morning he left his towel and stood up. His eyes looked at two naked bodies, his eyes burned with desire! and the more they looked at Maya and Ángeles the more they desired. But thanks to the freezing swipe, liquid flagellation George managed to fight his own temptations. –I’m going to the cold stream! –He walked up to the fall again. (Page 211) and Tzolk´in Calendar (Mayan Legend).

The legendary Buddhist kingdom of Shambhala. “(…) Step by step, within the progressive detoxification and purification our body needs less food. As your organism is lighter, healthier and balanced because it is recycled cell by cell in order to develop extrasensory properties and perceptions. These cell-change mechanisms launch us to unimaginable attitudes. The scientific mind has been researching them since their existence was known. This vibrating and extrasensory frequency was discovered thousands of years ago, the Essenian people practiced vegetarianism within an evolutionary stadium, similar to the legendary Buddhist kingdom of Shambhala. All this to have our senses under control and get rid of the external and the matter. (…) (Page 225)

The Essenian congregation and Jesus of Nazaret, the Council of Twelve, The Last Supper or Séder de Pésaj (the Jewish Easter). “(…)All this to have our senses under control and get rid of the external and the matter. Within the Essenian congregation the erudites have situated Jesus Christ as the divine disciple, possessing the superhuman conscience of Khristos. And they believe he was the Master of Justice of the Council of Twelve (Essenian Institution) stating that Jesus Christ hosted The Last Supper or Séder de Pésaj (the Jewish Easter) before he was crucified as a proof of love to save Mankind. As time passes, a good ally to Sapiens during his growth, you will understand the brain extremisms or polarities hinder your evolution as much or even more than food excesses. They cannot be noticed when you endure a material slavery, nevertheless with the cell changes you can notice in a natural or innate way several intuitive keys which open orbits and powerful synergies in your neurons. It happens in such a way due to your thoughts, but only if they emerge from optimism and solidarity. Then you feel you are plunged into the lifestream which also runs inside you. And finally you act by yourself guided by that global experience beating inside you. I thought I understood George’s explanations and I asked him once again: –Is it about cosmic energy? George minimized his conclusion: (…) (Page 225)

(See the Legends section at the end of the novel/Second Part)

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