Lennon, Chaplin, Museum Guggenheim and Obama.

Song by John Lennon in Teruel (Spain). “(…)In such a way he set a new direction of his life when he got on the train. Destination: Vitoria. As the convoy was moving to its destination he believed he would be having enough time to shape his future. The train stopped at Teruel for seven hours. George visited the Torre del Salvador and the Sistine chapel of Mudejar art at the Cathedral with another conscript who was traveling with him. A bus took them to Albarracin. He was flabbergasted by the wall. George ate migas (breadcumbs) and a trout from the local mountains. He wanted to see the Pinar de Rodeno cave paintings but they had to return to the train. When they got to the station he heard a song by John Lennon (“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans…”) and judged his idea about his future and above all life. The summer and the hot days were dimming out. And the afternoons were shorter and, of course they were traveling in third class. (Page 102) “(…)Consequently, more than once George has remembered the sentence by John Lennon (“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans…”). Because thanks to a steady job as the one he had at the Mail Service he developed an independent attitude as well as that desire to know himself and Sapiens’ special features. –George used a motorbike for the delivery of letter in Cox. He had it in a corner of the larder –in this way his father lent him a hand. –Okay! Thanks dad! (Page 121)

Cantinflas and Charlie Chaplin’s flair and humor. “(…)The gifted musician and actor’s spirit shines because of his service capacity. If with the musical instrument you can play Zarzuela (traditional Spanish operetta) and Pasodobles, or on the stage you take off and pass on Cantinflas and Charlie Chaplin’s flair and humor, similarly you are making happy the soul of whomever is listening to melodies or enjoying the theater. (Page 123).

Chaplin in ‘Gold Rush’. “(…)Maya, while they were comfortably sitting on the couch at midnight, confessed George her whereabouts in Cuba because she wanted him to know her better: –When I’m with him in Cuba I feel very happy. I’ll read you one of his letters. –Maya clucked like a mother hen. –Don’t you mind if his words are false? –He looked at her in the eye to challenge her. –What’s the difference if they are lies! I feel like a queen with him on his island! –She sank her ass into the couch and brooded her dream of bringing her Cuban lover to Spain. –And the truth? Be careful, he could be your own son! –George said. And his passport to escape from Cuba? As Maya was incapable of finding an answer her eyes got lost in the solitude of Chaplin’s “Gold Rush”, clouded by the Caribbean substitute. As she became totally absorbed in her Cuban merry-go-down she was licking those letters more than reading them. She did not mind the time marked by the wrinkles on the calendar of an aging woman’s skin or the age difference with her lover. That night Maya was living on that couch her yesterday’s journeys and wanting to return as quickly as possible to the lost paradise where her angel was waiting for her. George went to the kitchen. After three minutes George came back with a glass of cold Cocoa and another one of milk. Maya drank the cold Cocoa. With her last swig Maya yawned and let her unstoppable passion run free: (Page 271)

Aristotle Socrates Onassis. “(…) One afternoon the band had a rest at a guesthouse before playing at an event in Santa Pola. The lad who ran the telephone switchboard told them about his projects. The Onassis family of Greek origin knew pretty well the ins and outs of the tobacco business. He was convinced that he was guided by a blind fate in the ocean of life, Aris revealed his dreams that seemed facts in his mind. Aris, named after the legendary philosopher Aristóteles Sócrates had an eminent, enviable, cunning intelligence. He wore spectacles. While the musicians were checking out the ambitious suntanned receptionist told them that one day he would be owning an entire empire. –Willpower and appearance dominate the world. You’ll hear people speak about my fortune soon! – He roared with laughter showing his bright white teeth. (Page 74)

Chavela Vargas and Sharon Stone. “(…)George saw her off: –When you return already married I‘ll move into another apartment. –He drew the moon, the sun and a palm tree on the paper napkin. –Stay at my apartment until he arrives! –She put slowly the tweezers she had used to pluck her moustache during the trip in her handbag, then Maya wetted her lips with her tongue and crossed her legs like Sharon Stone–. Stay at my apartment! –Live the wait without me. –George kissed her–. You’ll be happier together. –I don’t even know whether he’ll come. Stay with me! –She looked at him like a defenseless girl. Maybe inspired by Singer Chavela Vargas, whose melody was played on the Barajas terminal speakers, Maya began to hum the song… but George had to move away from her life. He did not even wait “a little!” nor “a littttttle longer”!... she did not die either! –Move away from fear, Maya. Your husband is on his way home! –prayed George. (Page 295)

Chaplin ‘The Great Dictator’, Chaplin’s pirouttes, Charlie Chaplin in skyscraper in Manhattan.

Frank´S Gehry and Puppy and Guggenheim Museum. Steve Jobs and Tomlinson and Nureiev. The New York Times and Barack Obama. Bob Marley, Hip-Hop, Queen and Mercury and Alejandro Sanz, Santiago Calatrava, and much more...

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