Apes and ‘Sapiens’: spring in The Rift.

In the African valley of Rift a chimpanzee.“(…) One of such credible hypotheses is as follows: On a spring morning the explosion of life took place like a miracle–seven million years ago in the African valley of Rift a chimpanzee went down the tree and made the leap to evolution– who created us? ….. he woke up and his decision was to summon all the other apes to a meeting. “I desire to be a human being!” He proposed the others thanks to a dream he had previously had. Everybody went speechless, wondering: What’s a human being? Absent-minded, Sapiens, who was involved in his own things, apologized for being late because since sunrise he had been trying to fly like a bird. “I dreamt that one of our ancestors had wings”. When such a funny remark was heard one hundred laughs were also heard: The crowd of apes made fun of and mocked at him. But once those courtesy moments were over, the divine ultimatum was heard: “A volunteer? Is there a volunteer or I’ll choose him!” And then, without knowing the purpose of such a question, Sapiens raised his hand. And one thousand laughs were heard! He was lucky! OK. For what awaited Sapiens ahead… he was without any doubts the ideal ape: Absent-minded but always brave! And then in another divine thought, because everything begins to throb with life through our minds, the heavenly biologist served him a spell, a kind of secret sent in a sealed envelope. Because such a piece of advice could only be heard by him… and moreover it advised him to patiently watch nature in order to learn from it. (Page 16)

The group of cowardly sapiens: Eva and Pandora. “(…) In this version of the human birth there is neither punishment nor anyone is expelled out of the Garden of Eden. Simply our own free will comes up, the fruit of will and its chemical reaction, thanks to the hand raised by Sapiens. Do you believe in life as an exile or as an unappealable judgment within a terrestrial hell or you would rather feel that your life is a sort of prize in a paradise to be discovered? Do you still believe in the poisonous apple? How could He condemn us Who loved our creation and therefore He created us. It seems improbable that Father or Mother sentence their own children at birth. Forget the lies disseminated for millennia. Surely it happened like that because most of the evidence strongly suggests that the group of cowardly sapiens wanted to eliminate half of their competitors in evolution by using lies. Their final goal was to remove women from the power and the council of the tribe. And that’s why those Sapiens have written and yelled throughout the history of humanity: Women –Eve, the first woman according to the Hebrew myth, and Pandora, according to the Greek myth– are the culprits of all the earthly misfortunes! (Page 16-17).

The threatening look of a cobra snake. “(…) –Take it easy! –George asked her to be calm–. And the snipe hunts? –Let’s go back to my home! (Another blunder: she unconsciously mentioned the possessive “my home” –within the alleged detachment-from-the-material class). –Maya looked at him with a cobra’s eyes–: Not a word about this! –as she was mad she wanted to tie up the loose ends of her hypocrite morality. –Maya, do as you please! If you want to stay! I’ll wait for you outside. That drunk ego would not have been calmed down with orange blossom water. Maya knew nothing about balance. (Page 290)

The wasps´nets in the brothel. “(…)The exit could barely be seen because it was covered by the foul-smelling spiderweb-like curtains hanging from the ceiling and because of the lack of light in that Lucifer’s dirty anus. There was a long line of people waiting at the entrance to the cavern and George put into practice: “please let us go out before entering!” (Page 291)

Sniffed her from head to toe like a dog to a female dog in heat. “(…)That drunk ego would not have been calmed down with orange blossom water. Maya knew nothing about balance. –Shut up! –As she was walking down the hallway she anxiously ordered him to change his subject of conversation. A bald old crook with a moustache, with a black disgusting flap between his two skeletal thighs –a specimen to be studied by Paleontology– sniffed her from head to toe like a dog to a female dog in heat. Nobody who considers himself a human being would repeat such a ruse after tasting the degrading pandemonium at that seedy bar. Of course, Maya did. Why? Our friend seriously realized that derangement prevailed in a place with no decency, respect or ethics. Maybe amorality and the sexual imbalance prevailing therein had something to do with the rams’ dung that were roaming through the darkest corners. George had enough about all that: –Come on! I’m leaving. Shit! (Page 290)

Worker ants. “(…)Young George spellbound found ants marching hand in hand and abreast under his feet at the entrance of his house. They were loading grain for their barn in a hot and thirsty midday of August. And then Pedro arrived on his bike wearing his espadrilles. His dad also filled the pantry every day. Not until was his dad next to him and after kissing him he impatiently dared ask: –Would you take me to the other side of the bridge, dad? –Come on, get on the bike! Get on…get on before your mom calls us for lunch! (Page 28 )

Whistles from an nightingale in love. “(…) George and Batu vibrated in a twister of illusions. They abandoned their families for a lovers’ little apartment, their honeymoon opposite the Teatro Circo in Orihuela. At first light, she left for work and he sent her nightingale’s whistles from the balcony. They married and there was a second honeymoon in the City of Light, Paris, Tour Eiffel! Montmartre, Moulin Rouge, Place Pigalle, the funicular… (Page 130)

Orangery, reptile and moon light. “(…) Wednesday: In the afternoon the dogs in the orchard close to the hospital barked crazily. They sniffed the storm of lies was looming. George was with his convalescent father in a room. It was getting dark: the shadows dragged across the orange grove like a reptile. Allied with darkness they gained ground. But the subtle moon’s wisdom suddenly took up the baton from the sun so that light prevailed. The cell-phone rang on his bedside table. He had a look at the screen. Maya’s phone number! He walked out to the hallway, a lively ballad by Elton John was being played. George had the phone in his right hand. He had an apple he had been eating in his other hand. –How’s your dad? And you? Bad quality fancy costumes tear and without forewarning they suggest their content. This also happens to people who dyes their white hair that ennobles the countenance of his experience. Maya loved the world of show business. (Page 265)

Walls of Berlin and goldfinches singing and showing their joy. Young George stored up images and details while riding the bike across such a fertile Levantine region. Enjoying the excellence of such an awesome green universe he wanted to learn everyday something new. And besides, he had already conquered his dream: the green wall by the bridge collapsed, because he had gone beyond it with his dad riding the bike. He had delved into the feeling of freedom provided by the orchard. In the same way as in 1989 the Berlin Wall collapsed to give rise to the new border-free Europe. –I’m already in the jungle! –With his smiling and happy eyes wide open. –It’s the fertile region of Levant –emphasized his dad–: with tomatoes, oranges and lemons. –And that melody over the trees? I want to be a musician! –They are singsong birds: goldfinches. You can go to the music school for learners. (Page 29)

Bee and fecundity. Gazela, mountain goat and elegant zebra. Snail and free in the pinnate. “(…) The goldfinch takes only air you need and sings of his happiness. (…)” (See the Animals section at the end of the novel/Second Part)

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