Yoga changes George and he loathes sexism

i.e. famine, the use of renewable energies and to strengthen the fight against gender-related violence and wars. ---YOU WILL BE DELIGHTED WITH LAUGHTER AND MOVED BY THE PASSAGES DESCRIBED HEREIN… The ringing of the doorbell as Destiny does never forewarn us. It suddenly arrives at your doorstep and comes into your life. Such as the child George enjoyed licking his chocolate-stained fingers, enjoy the challenges which arise before you. If you delve into other horizons and relationships appearing throughout this book you'll know who you are and where you're going to while getting to know the leading character of this novel. When George felt his own death near he then understood life. And after two suicides attempts he learned that if one yearns for death to escape into the arms of oblivion, one will find it impossible to rest after death. Learn from nature and life as George did through his own personal experiences. Enjoy your adventures and the world of dreams, climb mountains and touch the clouds; smile and weep; navigate and dance with life; share and evolve like George did later becoming Jordi and Gorka … ---The novel consists of 200 stories based upon George’s life, legends and mythology from multiple cultures and civilizations. You will find lots of surprises; greetings and conversations translated into languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German, French, the African Bambara as well as Wolof, Latin, Mayan, Euskara, Gaelic, Catalan, Valencian and other languages. ---In order to be honored due to their contributions to culture, conviviality, coexistence and universal solidarity G. Taylor mentions in ‘Krisis With a K’ hundreds of women and men from different walks of life i.e. John F. Kennedy, Luther King and Mandela, John Lennon, Molière, Hermann Hesse, Diana ‘Lady Di’, Chavela Vargas, Jadiyat al-Kubrà, Yanusari, Poe, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, Chaplin, Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Cervantes and Shakespeare, Benedetti,Federico Fellini, Blas de Otero and Mikel Laboa, Teresa de Calcuta and Chiara Lubich, ‘Coco Chanel’, Chopin, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Nuréiev and Darwin. ---Open ‘Krisis With a K’ at random. Choose one without thinking! All the answers you seek are there and within yourself.

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