Love within Alzheimer and listen to a fetal conversation

You will feel the innocence of infant Margaret Down and Love within Alzheimer and Jorge fetal fetus conversation with her pregnant mother… “Climb the ladder of life with young George throughout the pages of ‘Krisis with a K’… Climb it at your own pace, as you wish and at your own convenience… But climb it bravely and optimistically… Every ‘Krisis’ (from the Greek language “change, evolution…” is similar to a rung of the ladder of life, an opportunity to take advantage of every personal or societal crisis… Live in the "yes" of life and banish the denial that cripples you! Browse the pages of Krisis with a k you won’t find anything negative! And as George did cultivate the magic words, the Philosopher's Stone: Yes, always, thanks, I love you! Open ‘Krisis With a K’ on any page. Choose one without thinking! All the answers you seek are there and within yourself.” (G. Taylor, of the entertainment and cultural novel ‘Krisis with a k’/ (Krisis, from the Greek meaning “change evolution…”) “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” “Sólo quienes se arriesgan a ir demasiado lejos pueden descubrir hasta dónde se puede llegar”. T. S. Eliot, poet; (1888-1965). “walker, (…), / it is made by walking.” “caminante, (…), / se hace camino al andar.” Antonio Machado, poet; (1875-1939)

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