Game-oriented and Educational project

‘Krisis with a K’, which features cinematographic characteristics, has deliberately been designed in a journalistic style to play with its titles, captions, summaries, short dialogues and sentences that in most of the cases only take up half a line to make the reading and understanding thereof more enjoyable and easier. The author of the work, the chief character of the novel George (afterwards Jordi and then Gorka...) and other leading characters appearing in the book support and try to favor the reader`s reflection in addition to promoting debates on human and cultural issues and values. Not only is “Krisis with a k” aimed at entertaining readers with its literary and recreational purpose, but it tries to back up the education of students. Thanks to its pleasant reading and easy understanding “Krisis with a k” may become a valuable teaching tool to be used by school teachers. Therefore, “Krisis with a k” may be very instructive to foster human values to ensure global solidarity, freedom and coexistence and so on, as well as respect for nature, shifting towards culture and its expressions. In this way it may be used to train Secondary and High School students on social and humanistic matters in addition to be a book to be analyzed and debated at conservatories of music, reading clubs and literary gatherings. The digital version of the novel, which will come to light soon, includes links to browse throughout the text. The novel includes an Index (Annex) with 3,000 citations and 7,000 specific references to the pages that appear in seventeen sections for second readings, consultations, debates and literary circles. They are related to Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, Mythology-related legends, History, Geography & Trips, Music, Gastronomy, Cinema, Arts, Universal Figures, Popular Figures, Religion-Esotericism, Plants & Animals, Entities, Sports, Journalism and Traditions & Festivals.

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