9 years: Your time has come!

Charitable novel: donates 81% of the profits from sales of ‘Krisis With a K’ to UNICEF, The Red Cross and Educo projects carried out in Africa, Asia, India, Central and South America: let’s prevent the death of 100 million children from starving. Books and Actions. Books creating New Times a New World. Books creating Life. Laugh and be moved by young George. Laugh and get excited throughout the pages of ‘Krisis with a k’. Practically everything that catches our attention is seen through the eyes, instead of entering through the door of the heart. In our eternal existence, we complete cycles which open and then close, fostering the ensuing learning. First there are the dreams and thought, which then, with your will and deeds, are embodied and see the light of day. No freedom bests your freedom of thought. If freedom is a statement of affirmation and an act of will; why should you wish to circumvent it, if it belongs to you and has always been forever a part of you. Because whatever happens in your life, everything that unfailingly takes place is what is best for you. Jorge learned to enjoy the totality of life: tears and smiles. Let us emulate childhood because in childhood one lives in an ideal world! As he was snoozing, Jorge had a revelatory dream, replete with surrealist symbolism; he saw what appeared to be the beginning of human existence. And wanted to embrace Love and Freedom to save his youthful (male and female child) soul: the male and female essence, the Greek Androgynos in pure harmony, present in every man and woman. If you decide solely to feel and live in half of your being, the masculine or feminine side only, you will be unhappy. In contrast, the rest of you which experiences feelings is called Happiness. The ringing of the doorbell such as Destiny, never forewarns. It suddenly lands on your doorstep and comes into your life. Know that as Homo sapiens we only exist “by reason of being happy and being able to love”.

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